The Tarot of Kabbalah: Cards (English Edition)

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The 22 archetypes of the tarot in relation to the cabal and the «Tree of life» designed by Marta Looz and ready to print.

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Printable images of the Cabalistic Tarot

In this book in online ebook format, you can download the 22 major arcana, such as archetypes, which represent the 22 paths of the Hebrew mandala «the tree of life» in the Kabbalah. Particularly in Marta Looz’s «analytical cabal» work, it is where you can find a method for understanding the 9 lands or landscapes and their 22 paths to travel in our personal process of personal development and evolution, throughout our lives.

In this ebook you can download the images corresponding to each of the 22 major arcana of the tarot or cabalistic archetypes, with a brief summary of its positive aspects and its negative aspects. To print it, it is advisable to do it on a strong paper and preferably in a tone as clear as possible parchment or aged, this gives it a very special character, although on a white base in raw color it also looks very good.

You can also use these images to provoke dreams, every day you can pull one of them to see what energy is the one that accompanies you during the day, and you can even learn to answer very basic questions in a personalized online course with Marta Looz. However, these images were made to evolve, not to predict, in reality, the intention is to grow internally and carelessly about the results, feel strong and for this it can help us a lot to learn to observe the environment around us, the environment in that we move each in this existence, where it comes from, because I am in this situation and where it can take me if I do not change my attitude. If we want our future to change, we must first generate that change within ourselves. External changes are temporary if there is no internal realization.

We hope you can enjoy these images.